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Get to know "Jesgatti" Jess

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

When I was 261lbs I would have never dreamed I would one day become a personal trainer. 6yrs ago, 10 months after having my daughter, my weight was still 80lbs heavier prior to my 3rd pregnancy and gaining. I was in denial over my weight and having always been an physically active person who was ectomorphs (lean body type) growing up, the burdened of my extra weight was mentally and emotionally taking its toll.

One day I said no more and I made a commitment to myself to change. On May 5th 2017, I committed to start walking 10k Steps/per day. my first 3 months I lost 50lbs, I built off that momentum and got a gym membership and started functional strength training, my favorite pass time as a teenager and young adult. I started boxing again after being away from martial arts for nearly 20yrs. I read books too educated myself and although I never put my self on a diet, I changed what I was eating and started eating more mindfully about what I was consuming. Within 2 years I lost over 100lbs, my 3rd year I was flip flopping with anywhere from 10-20lbs, I would lose some, gained a bit, lose it again to just regain it. Presently I am 149lbs I don't focus on the weight scale as my main tool for progress, and nor should you. I have lost over 30inches, 16 of those inches are since I became a personal trainer just 10 months ago. I have more muscle then I ever have and feel amazing.

Prior to becoming an PT, I was a successful Financial Services Manager working collectivity for 15yrs in 2 of Canada's top 5 banks. One of passions are helping people and now I am blessed enough to be able to help people look and feel their best while doing my other passion: leading an healthy & physically active lifestyle.

Everyone's life changed when the pandemic started and for myself it was impossible to work remotely with 3 children at home by myself. I made the most of it having made some incredible memories of assisting in teaching my children's education. During Covid I self published a children's bedtime rhyming story titled " Angel and Creeping Monsters" and decided to enroll myself with ISSA, International Sports and Sciences to become a certified personal trainer. I have taken additional courses including Diabetes Type 1 & 2, obtained my HIIT Certification and the obvious 1st aid and CPR, the next chapter is to become a Nutritionist in 2023.

Jesgatti is a play on words using my name, and my favorite luxury vehicle, The BUGATTI, more specifically the Chiron model, I am determined to drive one in Italy one sweet fine day! lol

I am a very proud and incredibility lucky mother of 3 amazing children, who keep me endlessly busy. We are blessed enough to call Port Stanley home, on weekends I work at Apropos and enjoy any water based activity, signing, playing basketball with my youngest son, doing gymnastics with my daughter, playing golf and throwing the football around with my oldest son. Other then that I LOVE TO WORKOUT & SLEEP! lol

And that is me JESGATTI Jess! If you are struggling with weight and want to make change, I can not only relate but professionally get you there.

Thank you for reading, remember to stay strong and keep blessed, you got this!

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