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Benefits of 10k Steps A Day and why its a great place to start for weight loss.

When I first started my fitness journey I wasn't sure where to start, going to the gym and making time for myself seemed impossible, I had a 10yr old, a 2 yr old and 9mth baby, A house on a 3 acer property, with a hobby farm that included a litter of puppies, chickens and turkeys with an massive vegetable garden along side A full time career as a financial manager, my at the time husband was gone 14hrs+ per day and A family business… I'm already exhausted writing this lol so how could I possibly fit time in for myself?

You may find yourself listing all your life obligations and why making time to lose weight and get fit is out of the question. Too many of us put off taking care of ourselves, or place any type of physical activity on the back burner. Starting with a commitment of 10,000 steps is effectively beneficial and great place to start.

Walking has a long list of benefits, most notably, walking reduces risk of heart attack and stroke, reduces stress, helps us clear our mind, manages high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels for up to 24hrs, and is scientifically proven one of- if not the most, effective physical activities we can do with aiding in weight loss. Walking 10,000 steps burns approximately 500 calories, 1 pound of body fat is equal to 3500 calories therefore walking 10,000 steps everyday will burn 1 pound of body fat per week.

When I made that commitment to myself, I made it work for me and my circumstances, getting to the gym wasn't a option, walking on a treadmill at home with 3 kids wasn't going to work, so I took all my kids, one rode A bike, one was in the jogger and the other one was strapped to me and I walked…everyday…10,000 steps. I tracked my steps using my phone and if by 10pm I hadn't gotten my 10k in I walked all over my house until I did. I made a personal promise to myself to achieve 10k everyday and I kept it. The results were incredible from the very start, just the endorphins released alone were enough to pump me up and keep me motivated. The serotonin released made me continuously happy. Fast forward 3 months later I was down 50lbs! The next 25lbs took longer as my metabolism adjusted and then after 8 months I plateaued, I was down 75lbs, just under 200lbs and felt ready to rejoin a gym, the hour I was spending walking was now converted into strength training.

Starting with 10,000 steps per day will have you reaping the benefits. Combine that with a caloric deficit, proper rest and H20 intake alongside strength training and you will be well on your way to a leaner, healthier, and stronger you!

Keep strong and say blessed!


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